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    $20 Family$16 Adult (Single)$5 Junior (16 years or under)

    If this is your first time registering, please include an extra $8 per member, for a membership badge.

    For Family Membership please list all given names & relationship to be covered
    under this membership. (EG: Wife / son etc.)

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    I hereby undertake on acceptance of this application for membership of the Maroondah Orchid Society Incorporated, to abide by the RULES and BY-LAWS of the Maroondah Orchid Society Incorporated. (Which are downloadable from the links above)

    Membership subscriptions are due and payable on the 1st. Day of July each year.
    Members joining in the second half of the year – January to June – are only required to pay half the appropriate subscription in the year of joining.

    In submitting this application, I agree to complete a bank transfer of the correct amount as mentioned above with a matching description to the initial of the first name and as much of the surname as possible of the aforementioned primary applicant. eg for Robert Smith, the description would be "rsmith"

    Bank details are below:
    Bank: CBA
    Name: Maroondah Orchid Society
    BSB: 063167
    Account Number: 10107735

    I also accept that any funds paid without said description or with erroneous descriptions
    will be taken as a donation to the society without membership being conferred.